Linux fedora kernel failure error

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Good morning,

I am new to Linux and started using fedora 14 for some months.

Since last evening, I am getting the error that my Linux kernel got corrupted or something happened with it and I have to send report to some url.

Now I don’t know whether it is the fake message due to some virus or original message by the operating system.

The actual error is as under.

Your system had a kernel failure
There is diagnostic information available for this
failure. Do you want to submit this information to
the website for use by the
Linux kernel developers?
kernel error

What I think is, if It is the original error, it should try to send things to fedora website instead of some third party website. Anyway do you have any idea about how to solve this problem?


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Linux fedora kernel failure error


Dear Tarum,
I have gone through your problem, you submitted and I think I can help you. Recently I have also faced this type of problem. So, I can possibly help you in this kernel failure problem. At first, I will mention the causes of this error and then to the solution.
I think, probably you have installed or updated programs in your kernel. That’s why, this error message occurs. So, find out the updates or recently added programs in kernel and please remove it from your system. By doing this, your kernel problem should have eliminated.
Hope your problem will also be solved by this way.
Thank you

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