New in UNIX, needs a good foundation in using it

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Who among you knows about UNIX? I’m a computer programmer. I badly need to have a sound foundation in the operating system of UNIX. Can you give me some advice regarding on what skill fits me to do this? What program of UNIX is suitable for these?

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New in UNIX, needs a good foundation in using it


UNIX is a powerful computer operating system. It is originally developed at AT&T Bell Laboratories. It is very popular among the scientific, engineering, and academic communities.

It provides multi-user and multi-tasking facilities, flexibility and portability, electronic mail and networking capabilities, and the numerous programming, text processing and scientific utilities. It has also gained widespread acceptance in government and business.

As you are new in UNIX, you have to be familiar with six basic elements (commands, files, directories, your environment, processes, and jobs) of UNIX.

You must login to UNIX before you can start using the system. You must have an account on the system and enter User Id and Password.

After logged in the system, it will display the command prompt which signals that the system is ready to enter your next command. UNIX has a wide range of commands and as a user you have to keep some rules in your mind. They are –

  • UNIX commands are case-sensitive and most of them are in lowercase.
  • UNIX commands can only be entered at the shell prompt.
  • After typing a command, you must press RETURN to execute it.
  • Often UNIX options begin with a minus sign.
  • More than one option can be included with many commands.

After finishing the work, you must log out of the system by typing logout at the command prompt. 


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