Linux debian no boot loader installed

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Definitely debian is not easy to install and this time i have this

Error " no boot loader installed" what is the boot loader and how can i install it ?

Help this is not an easy one. Should I continue the installation by forcing  or clicking the ok button? i waiting to hear from you

The error image :



Continue without boot loader

No boot loader installed

No boot loader has been installed, either because you chose not to or because your specific architecture doesn't support a boot loader yet.

You will need to boot manually with the kernel on partition/dev/sda1 and root=/dev/sda1 passed as a kernel argument. 

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Linux debian no boot loader installed


Boot Loader is a small program that loads the operating system of a computer into memory. When a computer is powered-up or restarted. In some windows versions the boot loader are already installed with operating systems. But with Linux sometimes we have to install some special boot loaders.

 In Debian there are some default boot loaders.  

·         DebianSqueeze

·         DebianLenny

Also these boot loaders are available.

·         GRUB : GRand Unified Bootloader

·         GRUB2 (PC) : GRand Unified Bootloader, "version 2" (PC/BIOS version)

·         GRUB2 (EFI) : GRand Unified Bootloader, "version 2" (EFI version)

·         LILO : LInux LOader – The Classic OS loader can load Linux and others

·         ELILO : Bootloader for systems using EFI-based firmware

So if you want to know how to install the boot loader for Debian, follows this link

Thank you …

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