Link to MS Issues Database that enable the task of cross reference

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I am looking for someone to give us a good insight into some programs in a list that I have and how they are well suited to represent our working environment. I am working in a machine environment, for logistical reasons I don’t know that I can deploy the collector to each and every machine in the environment and I am wondering if someone can help me find a straight link to the MS Issues Database which will enable the task of cross referencing our application list. Thanks for any help.

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Link to MS Issues Database that enable the task of cross reference


Hello Richard Bell,

If you need a program that will keep record of the activities that goes in your work environment, then a suitable application is a database application. The database program that I can recommend that you use for a start is the visual basic application.

Why I am recommending visual basic is because it is simple and therefore it will take you little time to understand it. It has a user friendly interface which you will find easy to work with when you have to create commands. And later on when you think you are ready to move to an advanced database then you can try out the SQL database.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung


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