Less Battery Back-up and ageing.

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My Laptop battery does not meet expected life.

I have purchased a Laptop 10 months ago. My laptop came along with 6 cell battery which initially gave me approximately two and half – 3 hours back up time as promised by the Manufacturer. It has now started giving me about 1 hour back up time. The battery icon shows 80% – 85% charged and 2-3 hour backup time. But in reality it hardly gives me about 1 hour back up.

Pleas provide me any solution. My system is still under warranty but manufacturer refused battery replacement stating it’s a consumable commodity and does not get covered under warranty.

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Less Battery Back-up and ageing.


Hello Mr. Abnur Adam

It would be my pleasure to assist you in getting your issue resolved.

You may either have a 6 cell or a 9 cell battery. That means these battery contains either 6 cells or 9 cell in a single battery. Every cell has a back up time of approximately 20 minutes backup time. As such a 6 cell battery will have an average backup time of about 120 minutes (6 cell * 20 minutes) and similarly a 9 cell battery will have a backup time of about 180 minutes (9 cell * 20 minutes).

The battery life varies depending on your system model and its configuration. It also depends on what all the applications you are using on regular basis and the type of power management you have configured on the system. These factors and the battery capacity of your system will keep decreasing over the period of time and use.  You must remember one thing that your system battery is a consumable item such like your mobile phone battery.

Just as you mobile phone battery which is rechargeable, your system battery will start giving less backup time the more you use them on the system.  It also depends on the application you regularly use on your system. For example – If you are using normal application such as Microsoft office, surfing internet or any other normal application which consumes less processor speed, then you would surely experience an enhanced battery back-up. However if you are using applications such as music, videos or graphic games which consumes higher processor speed, then definitely you would experience the draining out quicker than normal because the power consumption is more on these applications. You can also adjust processor speed as per your requirement to optimized power features.

Now explain you about the Battery life – it has a power cycle life of approximately 300 – 330 days. This means that you can recharge the battery for 300 – 330 times.  Again the point is that the more you recharge the battery, the lesser you will experience the back-up time and aging. So the recommendations are not to recharge the battery every day or keep the Ac Adaptor plugged in to the system. Recharge the battery only when the battery charge percent is less than 10 percent. That’s when you will keep the battery for recharging for about 8 -10 hours.

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Less Battery Back-up and ageing.


Abnur Adam this is a very common problem faced by laptop users and can be solved by using laptops in a very economical way. Here are some tips which will help you increase the battery life and make it run much longer.

1. Keep the brightness of your laptop’s screen low and it will help the battery run longer.

You can use command buttons on your laptop’s keyboard which are mostly in the top row. Usually there is a shape of sun together with an up arrow on one button to increase brightness and sun together with a down arrow on the other to lower the brightness. You can also click the battery icon on the taskbar to access the brightness settings and then use slider bars or other controls to adjust the brightness of your screen.

2. Only charge your laptop when there is a need.

Extensive charging of laptops is one of the main issues which eat up the battery’s life. When your laptop is fully charged there is no need to keep it connected with the power supply. Charge it when the battery is down to 10%-15%.

3. Do not keep any disk in your CD/DVD Rom when it is not going to be used.

The spinning of disk drains power from battery so it is not a good idea to keep a disk in CD/DVD Rom when it is of no use.

4. Use power management settings in control panel

There are a lot of options in control panel regarding power management. You can take advantage of these options and make the hardware to consume less power. For example you can use the option “Turn off the screen” together with a timer to automatically turn off the display after sometime when there is no need to look at the screen. This way you can save power used to keep the display on. Similarly there are other options like “Dim the Display” and “Put the computer to sleep” which can be used effectively to save the power.

5. Peripheral devices consumes a lot of power

If you want your laptop’s battery to run for a longer period then try not to use any peripheral devices with your laptop. For example you should try to use laptop’s touchpad instead of an external mouse.

Hope these suggestions will help you.

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