To Learn About KVM Switch For Multiple Monitors.

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Hello, if I have my computer setup with 2 monitors and My other device with many few monitors, is there a KVM switch for multiple monitors which can support this?

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To Learn About KVM Switch For Multiple Monitors.


There are 2 possible ways:

• The first way is a DualHead2Go.You can add that between your KVM switch and your 2 monitors may be. This should work, I am not sure about it, though.

• The other option, it is to use the other (VGA or DVI only) switch. You can try connecting one screen with your regular KVM where your keyboard, as well as your mouse is already connected. And later attach your second screen to the switch.

This setup can have an added advantage to be able to keep the second screen on your Mac to see something while working on the first screen.

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