Learn About A Shortcut For Time In Excel In Brief.

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Hello all,

I want to ask if there is any shortcut for time in excel. Does someone know about any such function in MS Excel? If yes, then please share your knowledge here.

Thank you.

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Learn About A Shortcut For Time In Excel In Brief.


You should press a combination of the buttons like Ctrl+; to place the current date in a cell. Microsoft Excel takes a snapshot of the day and then inserts it into the cell. Also, because the value in that cell doesn’t change, it’s static.

  1. Open a work sheet, click the cell into which you wish to place the current date or time.
  2. Perform one of these:
    • To show the current date, press the key combination Ctrl+;
    • To presentthe current time, just press Ctrl+Shift+;
    • To display the current date and time both, press Ctrl+;and then press Space, then Ctrl+Shift+;
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Learn About A Shortcut For Time In Excel In Brief.


In Microsoft Office Excel, if you want to insert the current time in a cell, simply press CTRL + SHIFT + ; (semicolon) and then hit Enter to put the current time in the selected cell. This method or keyboard shortcut inserts a static time in a cell in Microsoft Office Excel. Static means the value or the time is fixed or constant and doesn’t change.

Now, if you want a time that changes every time you open the worksheet, you can insert a dynamic date and time. To insert a dynamic date and time, select a cell where you want the date and time to appear and then enter without quotes “=NOW()” then hit Enter.

When you open the worksheet the next time, this date and time will update automatically to the current date and time. Just make sure your computer’s date and time settings are correct to reflect the correct values on the worksheet. In case the time value doesn’t appear, change the format or properties of the selected cell and set it to “Time” in “Number” tab.

Format cell to Time

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