Latest version of Windows OS as of now?

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Aisa loves her computer as much as she loves her pet Cloe. She uses it very often. One day she reads an article about upgrading Windows operating system. To follow the current trend, what's the latest version of  Windows operating system?

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Latest version of Windows OS as of now?


Though Microsoft has announced that they had a new Operating System, they did not say the date it would be available to the public, though some speculations, especially the major media outlets, says that it would be available sometime in late 2012.

The Operating System is under the codename of Windows 8. It can be use on personal computers, both home and business desktops, tablet PC’s, laptops, netbooks, servers, and media center PCs. In addition to the traditional mouse, keyboard, and pen input, the user interface of Windows 8 has been changed to make it better suited for touchscreen input.


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Latest version of Windows OS as of now?




The latest version of Windows OS as of today is the Windows 7. Is the latest Windows Os released by Microsoft. It is an OS which is easier to use, more and advance potentials and has a large number of features. It gives you improvised and upgraded performance. It makes your PC speedy because of its better desktop. It supplies shortcuts for your files and other applications.  It congregates all the programs from different sites on the Internet. It grants you secure and controlled performance. It can engage in recreation with all of your devices and programs. It allows you to have better wireless connections. You can instantly search because all of your files are already categorized and grouped. With all of these benefits, you’re OS is really worth it!




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Latest version of Windows OS as of now?


So you think you are a technology enthusiast who associates with newer technology trends. Let me give you a little history on Windows as a operating system.

1. Windows 1.0

It was the first version that Microsoft released

It was released on November 1985.

2. Windows 2.0

3.  Windows 2.1x,

4. Windows 3.0,

5. Windows 3.1 x (this is the first version of windows that I used)

6. Windows 95

7. Windows 98

8. Windows Millennium           

9. Windows NT 3.1

10. Windows NT 3.5              

11. Windows NT 3.51

12. Windows NT 4.0                

13. Windows 2000

14. Windows XP                      

15. Windows Vista

16. Windows 7.                        

17. Windows 8 (this is the most recent)

Windows 8 is the most advanced and next generation version of windows.

It has a new GUI named Metro. Windows 8 runs on laptops, tablets and desktop computers.

Do visit this link for further information.

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