Laptop hp drive boot utility

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I have a laptop HP Pavillion dv6000, but I am having troubles with my HP drive boot utility. I cannot boot from my drive, where I have my OS loaded. It simply says "Insert disk" on boot. I think I need a driver or something, but can't seem to find it.


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Laptop hp drive boot utility


I have read your query about HP drive boot utility. You are right about the need of having a driver. Here are the steps that can help you:

1. Go to the site and you will be provided a support for your boot utility.

2. Click the word “download” located right after the filename of the driver.

3. Execute the downloaded file.

Also, these tips might help you:

1. HP drivers can be used to transport data, flash firmware or make operating systems run. They can also be used to have system firmware working properly.

2. HP now has an online version of a ROM flash utility for better communication and updates and also is an efficient tool to have good system firmware.

3. There are also offline versions of these drivers.

4. HP has the feature for drive key boot utility to boot a floppy image. However, in some cases, this may not work without a support application.

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Laptop hp drive boot utility



You’re having trouble with your laptop because it won’t find your hard disk every time you reboot it? The problem might be the (1.) the Operating System might got error because it of not properly shutdown. Because sometimes there are situation wherein the laptop or computer wasn’t shutdown properly that causing the computer malfunctioning; (2) or maybe it’s your hard disk which has the problem.

Here are the solutions that might help you:

(1.) Open your laptop using screw driver to unscrew it and see the hard disk inside. You unplug the hard disk from where it was plug then wait for a minute and plug it again from where you unplug it. Then put all the unscrew screw, then turn-on your laptop. Check if there are changes on your laptop.

(2.) If the first step didn’t work, restart your computer then boot to Safe Mode. Click on Start Button, then type msconfig, then select the Selective Startup then reboot your laptop again.

(3.) If the second didn’t work again, then format your drive C: using your new operating system.

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Laptop hp drive boot utility


Hi Isabellertd,

All you have to do is check your CMOS setup to see what drives are priority to boot first when your machine boot. Make sure that your desired drive boot first. To go there you must restart your laptop then enter to CMOS setup (usually by pressing F1, F2, or Delete key). And if doesn't solve the issue, then it's either you had corrupted windows or damaged hard disk. Insert your disc with Windows OS. Boot it first, after loading select repair at the Main Menu. However, if the cause of your problem is your hard disk and if it is undetectable then you need to replace it.

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