Laptop Freezes whenever I play games

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My Dell Latitude laptop freezes whenever I play games. What do you think is the problem? This has been an going issue since purchased. Other application works well aside from games, I am playing CF, Counter and other similar games. This is so annoying I want to play to remove stress but this stressed me more.

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Laptop Freezes whenever I play games


If other applications work but not with your games, then it is probably a hardware problem particularly with your graphics accelerator. The reason why the system doesn’t freezes when running applications like Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, and others is that these programs don’t use much of your video card. They don’t display heavy graphics unlike with PC games where heavy animations are to be expected.

Since this is the case, you may try replacing or upgrading the video card currently installed on your laptop. It could also be a problem in the amount of video RAM the video card has that’s why upgrading the device with a much higher video RAM will fix the issue. Another possible cause is the heat inside the machine.

Though your laptop has an exhaust fan that sucks the heat inside your laptop and throws it outside the machine, it is maybe not enough to maintain the temperature inside and that affects the operation of the video card and eventually freezes the device and obviously your entire computer. Even if applications such as Microsoft Office Word causes the system to produce heat, the temperature created to the system when playing a game is more intense compared to the usual applications.

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Laptop Freezes whenever I play games


I am sure that your laptop is not a gaming laptop. Most of the laptops are not high-quality for gaming, you know. Check your video drivers. It should be updated.

The best requirements of a gaming laptop are:

  • Processor: 1.87GHz, Intel(R), Core(TM)
  • Display Adapter: Turbo Boost
  • Rating: 5.9
  • RAM: 8.00 GB – DDR3 Memory type
  • System type: 64-bit Operating System
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Laptop Freezes whenever I play games


Hi Roberto,

The laptop freezes whenever playing games are often happening due to lack of memory capacity or your hardware is not compatible with the game's system requirements. Before installing games to your Laptop, you could check the game's requirements and compare it with your laptop hardware properties, such as :

1. The RAM memory required for the game.

2. The Video / Graphics memory requirement.

3. Operating System required, etc.

Above is the possibility occur due to hardware issue. There is also a possibility due to corrupt games software. For some games software, they use steps of installation. Check  the CD's or software for any installation guides and follow it step by step. 

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