Laptop Battery-Life Management System for Long-Lasting Life

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Which laptop computer has the best battery management system in place, so that the battery can last very long before recharging the battery? What has to be done in order to extend the battery-life of the laptop, before replacing it with a new battery? How do you know the quality of the replacement battery you are about to purchase? How can you test for the quality of a replacement battery for a laptop? Does the manufacturer guarantee how long the battery can last for? How can you differentiate an original replacement battery from a fake one?

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Laptop Battery-Life Management System for Long-Lasting Life


Hi Tyrone E Louis,

I will provide you with some valuable information in regards to laptop batteries.

The laptop with the longest lasting battery life as indicated by many users is the Lenovo ThinkPad X240. This laptop (pictured below) has a 6-cell battery that lasts for approximately 20 hours on average. This is the longest up-time for a laptop so far.

Here are some to extend the life of your laptop's battery:

1. Always close open applications that you are not using.

2. Reduce the Brightness of the screen when in well lit areas. The means of doing this vary with your laptop model, refer to laptop manual.

3. Do not charger the battery under high temperatures. Allowing the battery to get very hot reduces the overall lifetime of the battery.

4. Enable the 'Power Saving' mode on your laptop. This reduces the energy used by the laptop.

Purchasing a new battery can be a bit tricky sometimes. The amount of time your battery can last for is usually specified by the manufacturer. This information is usually located on the battery packaging. Please read the package carefully before you buy.

In order to ensure you are purchasing a genuine battery and not a counterfeit, it is best to purchase the battery from a retailer recommended by the manufacturer. These manufacturers usually have designated retail outlets that sell genuine batteries from the manufacturer. Please ensure you purchase the battery from a licensed retailer. Also check the markings on the battery to ensure the correct manufacturer's trademarks are printed on it.

Note: Every laptop battery is different. Even a genuine battery may have manufacture defects. Therefore, ensure you keep your receipts, etc. After purchasing so that the item can be amicably returned if needs arise.

Thank You

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Laptop Battery-Life Management System for Long-Lasting Life


I guess what you mean by extend battery life is the entire lifespan of the battery itself before it completely wears out and then replacing it. There are really incorrect ideas about the proper care of the battery. Before, others say it is bad for the battery if the laptop is always connected to the charger.

They also said that you need to completely drain the battery once in a while before charging it so it will last longer. The real lifespan of the battery is determined by its cycle count which is equivalent to 1 charge and discharge. The standard or normal cycle for a Li-Ion battery is about 700 to 800 cycles and normally lasts for around 2 to 3 years.

The reality is that, it is not bad for the battery if your laptop is always connected to the charger. If most of the time your laptop is on AC power, Apple recommends that you allow it to run on battery for a while at least once a month. Unfortunately, though the laptop is designed to be mobile and run on battery, always using it on battery power will actually shorten the lifespan of the battery.

When your laptop is connected to the charger while using it, the battery is not being used. It is only in our mind that when you are charging your laptop while using it, you are also draining the battery. This is incorrect. When the charger is connected and the laptop is running, the power circuitry of the machine bypasses the battery except if it is needed.

If you want more information about the laptop’s battery, you may visit Charging Laptop Batteries More Efficiently.

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Laptop Battery-Life Management System for Long-Lasting Life



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