Charging Laptop batteries more efficiently

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What will happen to the battery of my laptop if it is not fully discharged before I start recharging it? Will this approach affect the efficiency of the laptop battery in any way? Do you have to charge the battery fully to 100% before using it or it is ok to stop charging before it reaches the 100% fully-charged state? Is there a downside to using a laptop with full battery capacity while having the AC charger plugged in? Does this affect the battery quality?

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Charging Laptop batteries more efficiently


The lifespan of a laptop battery is determined by its cycle count: charge and discharge. The average cycle for a Li-Ion battery is 700 to 800 cycles and usually works for 2 to 3 years. Most of the people think that it is bad when you connect your laptop to the charger while using it.

This is incorrect and doing this is really not bad for the battery. When your laptop is plugged in to the charger as you use it, the battery is not in use. The power circuitry of the laptop bypasses the battery except if it is needed. Also, the idea of completely depleting the battery before charging it at least once in a while is not correct.

If most of the time you use your laptop with a charger connected, Apple recommends that you run it on battery for a while probably at least once a month. But one thing is true, if you use your laptop on battery power very often or maybe always, it will shorten the battery lifespan.

The wearing out effect is very much less with today’s battery technologies compared to the older batteries, but still it is present. If you need more information about laptop battery, you may visit Laptop Battery Myths.

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