Laptop affected by CTB locker virus

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My laptop has recently been affected by the CTB locker virus and all the word, pdf and excel files has their extensions turned to .ximsrci, making them impossible to open. If I try opening them with word, the data is all encrypted. Can you help me retrieve my files since they had very important information?

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Laptop affected by CTB locker virus


Hello Tyrone!

Sad to hear that your computer is affected by this virus. This CTB Locker (Curve-Tor-BitCoin) is really not a good way for them to earn money.

Always remember for us to be fully protected, reading, studying and following precautions will be the best way to protect our computer. To fix this download ay legit and stable “Anti-Malware” software or antivirus that can remove CTB Locker. A few anti-malware software will fix your problem.

Always remember not to open any email that you don’t know who the sender is. Also don’t try to open a message or visit a website telling that you won millions of dollars. How can anyone believe that we actually win even though we didn’t join or placed a bet in their raffle or lottery? Back up any important files. Create also a back-up for your operating system.

Always remember awareness is the best protection to protect your computer.

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