Dell Inspire 6000 laptop has a problem on AC Adapter

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My friend’s dell laptop which model is Inspire 6000. The Adapter connection is loose. Sometimes it short circuit and the charger indicator on the laptop is turn on. When the adapter attached laptop, message shows on the task bar (where battery alert icon) that it does not charge properly.

Need to click on the message to close, sometimes its charge ok and no message appears. How can be repaired the connection because I don’t want to change the laptop or any device on it? I don’t want to buy a new one, want to repair it.

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Dell Inspire 6000 laptop has a problem on AC Adapter


Hi Mesila,

There’s a possibility whereby the adapter failed and needs to be replaced. This will be the last option if we unable to identify and fix it. I understand that you refuse to pay some of the amount to get the replacement. Normally user will be able to use a laptop with an adapter for about 2 or 3 years, then after that need to be replaced.

  1. Maybe try to do simple troubleshooting by doing hardware reset. You need to take the battery out of your laptop and leave it outside for a while. Press the power on button and hold it around 15 seconds. After a view minute then place it back and try to see.
  2. You may try also to turn off your machine for half day with battery attached properly and connect with adapter which is connected to electricity. After that on it and see how it’s work.
  3. I will try to elaborate how battery work for a laptop is. The battery will get a signal from the charger. The signal sent over via the small wire. If your laptop informs that battery not charge properly, meaning to say the battery did not get any power from the charger. Try to swap with your friend. What I mean is, put your adapter to your friend’s machine and plug friend’s adapter to your laptop. This is to make sure either the issue comes from the charger cord or the connection from the laptop DC socket to the system board. If the charger or adapter working once you replaces it, then the power socket needs to be replaced.
  4. There’s a possibility also that the battery operating correctly but its power management software may have become corrupt. In order to correct the problem, you will need to uninstall and reinstall the power management software from the device manager. This is the step:

    • Go to control panel and choose device manager.
    • Expand the Batteries category.
    • Under the Batteries category right click on the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery listing and select uninstall.
    • On the device manager taskbar, click scan for hardware changes. It will scan any driver attached to your machine and install it.
  5. Reset the laptop CMOS to the factory default and also check at Dell web site to see if any bios updates have been issued that mention any issues related to the battery.
  6. Cord issue also impact big causes to the laptop. For example, the cord being hit or rolled offer with chair. Meaning to say the cord already broken then it should be replaced immediately. Bare wires due to this accident will carry a serious issue for your machine and you as well, due to possibility fire hazard. You no need to repair it, just bring it to the adapter manufacturer.
  7. The worst scenario will be the motherboard issue. If every troubleshooting done but nothing happens then it may come to the conclusion AC/DC at motherboard spoiled, and it needs to be replaces.

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Dell Inspire 6000 laptop has a problem on AC Adapter


Definitely there is a problem in your adapter. You have to repair it soon, because if your laptop battery get damaged it will be very harmful. Before that you have to notice where the problem is, in the cable or the port. Do not use any kind of things to clamp to recover the connection.

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