To Know If There Is A Virus On My Computer.

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As I was working on my computer. It shut down in the middle; I tried to figure out the problem. I tried checking everything, and it seems fine. Can you tell me if there is a virus on my computer?

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To Know If There Is A Virus On My Computer.


The symptoms that your computer might have faced, can be:

1. Your browser’s home page may also change your default search

2. Your web browser may hang.

3. You will not be able to open security-related sites or domains of

4. You will get re-directed to web pages you do not want to visit.

5. Random pop up of toolbars in your browser

6. Disability of Security software.

7. Your security software may start throwing up warnings.

8. Balloon Notifications may arise at your system tray.

9. Excessive utilisation of Memory or CPU utilisation.

10. The activity of Data transfer.

11. Unexpected Windows error messages may start appearing.

12. Programs may start automatically.

13. Some new unknown unwanted software gets installed.

14. You may start seeing new icons on your desktop all of the sudden.

It may be possible that your PC may have got infected with a virus or malware if you see any of this sign.

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