Kmy Money fails to import a file

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I received this weird error message while attempting to import KMyMoney file. What’s wrong with this? Can you tell me in detail the main cause of this problem? Please share some ideas to resolve this annoying error message. I would be grateful to you for any assistance.

Importing error – Kmy Money

Unable to import /tmp/kde-steve/kmymoney2quj4Gb.tmp using the OFX importer plugin. The plugin returned the following error:

STMTRNRS: General error (Code 2000): Error other than those specified by the remaining error codes. (Note: Servers should provide a more specific error whenever possible. Error code 2000 should be reserved for cases in which a more specific code is not available.) (A Field contained invalid characters for that Field-Type)

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Kmy Money fails to import a file


Hello Michael,

I have seen many facing the same problem. The main reason behind this is that importing a Kmymoney file is a multi step process and if you make a small mistake in any of the steps then some kind of error is sure.

I am explaining all the steps in detail. Please make sure that you follow all the steps carefully. 

  • Import investment or banking data depending on your requirements.

  • The file in which data is saved is to be opened next.

  • The text delimiter and all other delimiters are to be confirmed and then import ending and starting lines.

  • Columns or Fields are to be assigned data relevant only to particular types of import.

  • Decimal, date format and other settings are to be adjusted next.

  • Finally confirm if the file is imported correctly.

If your problem is not solved then please tell me your version I will look specifically at it and try to solve it.

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