KFWITM388E link target cannot be found

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After entering the proper credentials I received the following error message saying “Target not Found: KFWITM388E The link target cannot be found”. I can’t get this in a proper way so I need your assistance to fix it properly. Thanks in advance.

Target not Found

KFWITM388E The link target can not be found.

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KFWITM388E link target cannot be found



To resolve that issue, the TT DLA book generate could be forced to use a specific name by modifying the shell/bat script, located at UNIX: <ITMHOME>/<platform code>/to/tosupport/run-dla.sh
WINDOWS: <ITMHOME>tmaitm6totosupportrun-dla.bat

You will need to modify the line that includes "-jar itcamfttdla.jar". Add it to the jar invocation a section "-Dreporternode=<managed_system_name>"

Example: start "ITCAMfT DLA" /D%BATCHDIR% /MIN /SEPARATE /LOW /WAIT %JAVA% -Xmx1400M -Dtopologydir=%TOPOLOGYDIR% -Dreporternode=tivdemo:TO -jar itcamfttdla.jar

After that is done, the DLA Book needs to be regenerated and re-imported back into TBSM.




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