Bento error: “An unexpected problem has occurred. Bento must quit.”

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I downloaded Bento in my iPhone 4 and synchronize Bento 4 for Mac. While I was working with it, an error appeared and Bento suddenly stops working.

 When I click on the icon on my desktop to open it again, it will not open.

What do I need to fix this issue?


An unexpected problem has occurred. Bento must quit. Click"Send Report …"to send a computer-generated message that shows what Bento was doing when the problem occurred. It will not contain any of your data.

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Bento error: “An unexpected problem has occurred. Bento must quit.”


Try the following fixes to resolve that issue:

  1. First, you will need to ensure that you are running the Leopard operating system, and probably the latest version.
  2. The Bento application reads a preferences file and the database file when it launches, and therefore in the event that either of these has been corrupt, then  Bento will not work properly.  You will therefore need to get rid of  the preferences file at: Home > Library > Preferences > com.filemaker.bento.plist, and also remove the Bento database folder at: Home > Library > Application Support > Bento
    After you have done that, try running Bento again and see if it works well. 
  3. Another possible cause may be that the disk permissions have been corrupt, and therefore affecting the data that is being written to the database file.  You will therefore need to repair the disk permissions by using the application Disk Utility which can be found at: Hard Disk > Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility



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