JVM Error 545 on my BlackBerry Phone

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I was texting and making some phone calls when this error appears on my BlackBerry mobile phone.

I searched online and found out that removing the battery will fix this issue.

However, I have removed the battery for few times already but none works.

How can I fix this?

JVM Error 545

Incompatible or corrupt file system

Scroll for available commands.

Attach Debugger After Reset

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JVM Error 545 on my BlackBerry Phone


Dear , You can solve error 545 by using these steps: As you know that JVM is a Java error. BlackBerry software is written in Java, I am not sure that what the 545 is off the top of my head, but the usual way to fix a JVM is to reload here are some solution that can help you to solve this problem.

1. First Download Desktop Manager from the blackberry side latest version which is 6.1 for Windows and for MAC version 2.1, Apple users.

2. And then Download the OS from the BlackBerry side. As for 9700 the OS is 6.0.

3. After that Install the both OS software and Desktop Manager to your PC

4. then Connect your BlackBerry with your PC using cable this is must because in this stat e you are unable to use Bluetooth connection.

5. Run desktop manager and install the OS on your blackberry

6. Done now your handset will run like new and enjoy it.

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JVM Error 545 on my BlackBerry Phone


This error can be encountered by performing either an upgrade or reloading the blackberry device software.  The steps are as follows:

1.       The battery is removed from the Smartphone.

2.        Connect the phone to the computer using the USB.

3.       Double click “Application Loader” in Blackberry desktop manager.

4.       Click Start under the Update software.

5.       The device asks for the password, if there is one enter or else leave the field empty. Click OK.

6.       If it prompts for updates, choose the latest version by corresponding box and then click NEXT.

7.       Click Settings button from device backup and restore options.

8.       Confirm that the Backup device data automatically during the installation process check box is not selected.

9.       Select the check boxes, delete all application data and erase all currently installed applications.

10.   Click OK on the setting dialog box.

11.   Insert the battery into the phone.

12.   Click next in the, application loader wizard.

13.   Once the process is completed, the following message is displayed: The loading operation was successful.

14.   Insert memory card if applicable.

15.   Close application loader.


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JVM Error 545 on my BlackBerry Phone


The “JVM error 545” in BlackBerry normally happens on BlackBerry Smartphones with BlackBerry OS version 7.1 and earlier. When you encounter this problem, your phone stops responding then displays the message “JVM error 545”. The culprit of the error is the Java Virtual Machine application or JVM which is unable to continue running. To fix the problem, first, make sure your phone is running on the latest BlackBerry software.

Visit How to Update the BlackBerry Device Software to learn how to update your BlackBerry Smartphone. If your BlackBerry Smartphone is already running on the latest BlackBerry Device Software, you need to do a hard reset. To do this, turn off your phone, remove the battery cover of your BlackBerry Smartphone then remove the battery for about 10 to 20 seconds.

After this, connect the battery back then start the phone. If the problem continues, you need to reload the BlackBerry Device Software. Visit How to Force Detect the BlackBerry Smartphone for the guide.

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