JMeter And Load Runner For Performance Testing

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When doing performance testing for a particular project, what are the factors which need to be taken into consideration while selecting a tool? Also, if there is a choice of opting between JMeter and Load Runner for performance testing, which one can be considered?

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JMeter And Load Runner For Performance Testing


Some of the factors considered before selecting a tool for carrying out performance testing include:

  • The platform used for developing the application.
  • The number of people involved in the project/the maximum load which can be handled.
  • Scripting knowledge and skills of the people involved in testing.
  • Ease of obtaining a license for the tool, in case, it is not open-source.

Here is a brief comparison between JMeter and Load Runner:

S. No
1. It is an open-source tool. A licence is needed to use this tool.
2. Its load generation capacity is huge. It does not have a high load generation capacity.
3. A tester using JMeter need not be aware of the test scripts created for testing the application/project. A tester using Load Runner should be aware of the test scripts used for testing.


Based on the above factors, a person can decide which could be the right tool for his project.

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