Java VS .NET which is more secure?help

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Hi guys,

I want to know about these scripts or say programming thing? Which one is secure when searched on the web I got the answer as .Net but why is it said that .Net is more secure than JAVA? is Java basic programming script and does not offer much encryptions like .Net? please answer me to help

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Java VS .NET which is more secure?help



Both Java and .NET have their own security vulnerabilities and security policies, too. You can use any language you wish but .NET seems to be more secured than Java.

Java is an open-source programming language. Java programs developed by JDKs generate JAR files that can be used to execute on any operating system with “Java Runtime Environment” installed. On the other hand, .NET is only for Windows platform.

In the case of Java, it’s known to be a very vulnerable system to work with though it’s powerful enough to make someone’s day.

.NET is a closed-source programming language, developed by Microsoft. They have never made this so open to be as vulnerable as Java is. Though it’s a little bit complex, it ensures more security and the .NET Runtime makes sure that the program executed is secured enough to perform its tasks.

.NET programs can only be available on Windows where Java programs are available on any OS.

If you choose to make your program portable, Java should be chosen. If you think of security, .NET is the best choice.

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