Powered by phpbb technology and

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My forum site is powered by PHP bb technology and having smf technology also. How my forum will tackle duplicate or spam replies automatically?

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Powered by phpbb technology and

In PHP BB2 the CAPTCHA system has been proven vulnerable to automated registrations. In the other hand PHP BB3 has improved its anti-spam options available to forum administrators which include a new CAPTCHA system, suspensions, user logging and other various features. So my suggestion is to update to PHP BB3.
The best method to Spam prevention in PHP BB3 is to use:
1. Q&A (question-answer) challenge which is actually introduced into PHP BB 3.0.6.
2. Blocking UTC-12 Registrations.
3. Downloadable CAPTCHA Plugins.
4. Newly Registered Users Group.
5. Custom Profile Fields.
6. Admin Activation.
7. Broken Visual CAPTCHA Plugins.
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Powered by phpbb technology and


phpBB is a very popular open-source forum software that is widely being used by different websites. That’s why it is the favorite target of most spammers. It is normal for spammers to advertise certain websites by posting its URL. That’s why almost 95% of the spam posts contain URLs or links. Because of this, the most effective way of blocking these posts is to totally prohibit links.

Spammers normally sign in to forum sites and begin posting garbage the minute their account is activated. This is the best time to disallow posting of links for guests and users that have posts less than a certain amount. On the other hand, this step will surely affect normal forum users.

But even if this is the case, after a normal user has reached a certain threshold in the number of posts posting of links will now be enabled. Spammers will never reach it because all of their posts will be blocked. You need to add the following code to the “submit_post()” function in the file “includesfunctions_posting.php” to prevent posting of links.

You need to put this code at the beginning of the “submit_post()” function to verify every post before they are saved in the database.

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