Java does not launch when packaged by the Advanced Installer

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Hi experts

When I am running a Java product packaged with the help of Advanced Installer, the launcher will look for a proper JRE installation. If nothing is found, this error will be displayed to the user.

I need a solution.

Thanks in advance.


JRE Not Found

Missing JRE

The Java Runtime Environment(JRE) was not found.Please download and install a JRE(latest version) from:

If you have a JRE installed you can browse for it below:

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Java does not launch when packaged by the Advanced Installer



The boosted Installer inborn Java Launcher is a little feasible program whose function is to load and begin your Java Application. It effectively substitutes java.exe and it comprises functionality, while allowing better OS consolidation and a easier operation. When you specify a Java wares in the Java Products page, a copy of the launcher (having the name you choose) will be inserted into the install package.

This effectively gets your Application. It will show in the Files and brochures page, you can make crosscuts to it, add it to the PATH surroundings variable, and jolly much anything you'd do with a daily Windows inborn application. A customized edition of the launcher is established whenever your application is a GUI application, a comfort application or a Windows service. After the exploiter establishes your package, when the launcher is began (using a shortcut), it will execute the abuses defined below. Whenever, at any point, an fault occurs, the launcher will exhibit a elaborated message box (or print on the stdout for console applications) and exit.

Follow the points: Read its configuration, Display the Splash Screen, Look for a bundled JRE, Look for an installed JRE, Check the run conditions, Load the Java Virtual Machine, load your classes and execute the Main method of your main class, Take the Splash Screen down, Wait for the Java Program to finish, shut down the VM and exit etc.

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