Java code shows error when trying to debug

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I have two ArrayList in a position of selected images but I am unable to delete these selected images. It works fine when I run the code in debug mode but I get the following error message when I run it in normal mode. It gives me the following exception error message. I am looking for an expert’s advice so help me to resolve this issue. I would be grateful to you for any kind of assistance. I am running Win XP SP2. Thanks.



Indes: 3, Size:3

Java.util. ArrayList.RangeCheck(Unknown Source)

Java.util. ArrayList.getCheck(Unknown Source)

Deadbeef. SupTools. SubPictureBD.getImageWidth(SubPicture.Java:238)


Deadbeef.SupTools.Core.readSup(Core;java:1183);java:718) Source)

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Java code shows error when trying to debug


The reason for this error is clearly shown in the message ”Array Index Out of bound exception”, This type of error occurs when you create an array of size n and later you try to access the location n+1, This type of things will not give any error in C but in java it will show an exception. Try checking the code, Look for any use of nth index when starting the array from 0 or n+1 index when stating the array from 1 

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