Having trouble declaring arrays in java

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I am having trouble declaring arrays in java. I don't know what is the code or syntax that can be use in declaring arrays. Please, teach me about arrays in java and how to code it. thanks

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Having trouble declaring arrays in java



Array declaration in java is not at all critical.
By the way you need to understand difference between references and objects.
lets take an example,
int num[];
Here num is a reference for array of type integer. In other words it can hold an array.
Now to create the cells of the array you need to allocate the memory.
num = new int[10];
Togetherly we can write,
int num = new int[10];
Thus an array of 10 cells of integer type are created.
you can access the array as 
However If you do not use new, and try to use the array then the error, ‘null’ will be shown. Thus, the simple and straight forward means to declare an array of size 20, type int is 
int num = new int[20];
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Having trouble declaring arrays in java


For two dimension array the syntax is quite same like one dimensional array

syntax is

int array_name [ ] = new int [ 3][2];

that means it has 3 rows and 2 column.

You can assign value directly or one by one

to assign directly


or you can take input from use using buffer reader class

Hope this will help

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