Jalbum Failed to load Java VM library

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Hi friends on board at Techyv, my post here is about an error I encountered while at work using JALbum, this error message appeared in the middle of my work, see below the screen shot I pasted.

Failed to load Java VM library: C:Program Files

(x86)Javajre6binjvm.dll (errno = 193).


This error message is strange to me, this is the first time I encountered this message, and I've been new in using JALbum,

I ask some friends that might encountered the same error as mine, but they have not experienced such error, so therefore I am posting this error message here, because I know there is a lot of readers here, please share all your ideas on my problem,

Thanks to all.

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Jalbum Failed to load Java VM library


Java VM Library Failed to load

This error might occur because you are running the JALbum in an un-updated Java runtime library which is required to run the JALbum application.

What you need to do is to un-install the installed Java runtime libraries in your computer and downloads the latest one. Or you may download the Java runtime libraries update version and update your Java Runtime libraries. Sometimes updating doesn’t works and it is better to un-install it then re-installs with a new one.

If this solution doesn’t work yet, un-install your JALbum application then restart your computer and re-install the JALbum.

As an additional for this, there are some instances that removing the Java runtime libraries is too tricky, or it is hard to remove because you won’t find any un-installation entry on the installed program. So you need to do some trick to remove your old Java runtime libraries. You will do this because you can’t install new Java without un-installing the old one.

First thing to do is delete all files which are related to Java manually. Delete the installed applications and libraries on the program files (only Java related files) as well as in user app data where the Java has the entries. Then search for the “JAVASOFT” keys on the registry then delete it. This is usually the JRE Metrics. Then proceed on Java installation.

DISCLAIMER: Editing of the registry will make your windows shut-off and need re-installation of the whole operating system. We are not liable for whatever damage may occur following this fix for we are not the one actually editing your registry. So you must follow instructions with caution.

Take it at your own risk.

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Jalbum Failed to load Java VM library



That can be your sysyem problem.because java vm library run in some other system. If you running win7  64bit .then reinstall your system in 32bit  because  some vm running programme install only 32bit system. Or if you have the chance to chose the software for 32 & 64 bit then try it .basically this is an systematical problebs in your device. Try it carefully.


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