Item is protected with DRM and cannot be read on Kindle

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I have some books stored on the cloud and when I try to download them it says that the items are invalid. The thing is that my sister can download the same books from the same cloud, I am the only one who can’t. Please help me to solve this error. What could be the cause?


Invalid Item

This item is protected with DRM and cannot be read on your Kindle. Please remove the item from your device and download it again or purchase a copy from the Kindle Store.



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Item is protected with DRM and cannot be read on Kindle


This can happen if you are trying to copy or download the books from one Kindle to another. This is not possible because the books are encrypted with DRM or Digital Rights Management. It is a class of technologies used by hardware manufacturers, copyright holders, publishers, as well as individuals for controlling the use of devices and digital content after sale.

The books you are trying to download are encrypted to the particular device and not to the account. If this Kindle you are using is new, you need to register it to the same account and then you can download the books. If your Kindle is already registered to the account before and it is giving you errors now, unregister it and then register it again to the same account and it should fix the problem.

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