Is it a Virus or not please help

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Hi experts,

My hard drive is always running when it is in Idle mood also. I don’t know,

Why it is happening. Is it for Virus?

My PC is just slowing down.

Please help.


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Is it a Virus or not please help


Hello Carlesy,

By Idle mode you mean when you have put the system in the sleep mode or hibernate mode? It is possible for this to happen in these two modes when you are executing some programs that require you to close them first. For instance, if you have a TV card installed on your computer and you are using the TV, then you try putting the system in the hibernate or sleep mode, it will not accept till you close that program.

The system might just close the normal screen and go into a black screen mode but it will not shut down the programs, and that is why it will not go off. A virus may be a possible cause of the problem too.


Lee Hung

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Is it a Virus or not please help


Hi Carlesy,

         There are many reasons that cause your computer to be slow:

  1. Probably there are many programs running.
  2. Sometimes your program are affected by a malicious system.
  3. Your RAM memory is not sufficient.
  4.  Might be hardware error
  5. The speed of your processor is not inadequate.

        Remember that if your computer is a bit older and you tend to add or remove programs and may decrease the performance of your computer system.

There is a notification near your clock time display and shows the inactive icons.  It is important to delete the program that you never used at all.

To check your RAM memory

To Check your hard drive

Make sure before you made a reformat on your computer don't forget to always have a back up in order for your files to be saved accordingly.

Before defragmentation process  remember to use tool for error checking.

Click first the analyze in the dialog box.

When you are having a defragmentation process do not use your computer.

After the defragmentation has completed, check the speed of the  CPU. Because no matter what the solutions you do if your speed processor does not match with your OS you are stuck with it.

Hope this might help you.


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