HP Touchsmart 300z series touch complications

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Hi everyone!

Two weeks ago, i bought a new HP Touchsmart 300z series desktop, installed it and everything was working alright. I started experiencing problems with the touch screen after i installed a new program. What happens is that, the screen loses its touch sensing ability and would not return unless i reboot the computer.

Another complication is that, the screen loses its touch ability when left idle for than 1 hour. The screen freezes and would not respond to anything unless i switch it off and power it up again.

This is quite strange. I am not so much familiar with PC touch screens; they are delicate and require careful handling. I have tried doing the following;

Go to Start, Control Panel, Device Manager, HID / Input devices and find Next Window….

Right mouse click on it, Properties, Power Management tab and uncheck the box, allow the system to turn off this device to save power and allow the device to wake the system from standby

I have also tried to install new touch screen drivers from the device’s main site, but the problem has not yet been solved.

I just don’t know what might be wrong. I would be grateful for any help.


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HP Touchsmart 300z series touch complications


Hi Robert, what particular program you installed? Maybe the one that you installed is having a conflict with some other function of your desktops touch screen. According to your post, you tried most of the possible guide that i must also suggest. Try to check the list below. Those are possible reasons why you're experiencing touch screen loss. You can take note corresponding solution.

  1. Slow pc. There are times when your CPU usage is high and there's a lot of processes, the touch screen stop responding. (Limit your CPU usage. Check you anti-virus activity like performing full-scan while desktop is idle. Uninstall unwanted programs or applications. And if possible, reformat your pc or restore factory image)
  2. Not compatible driver for your touch screen. (Download fresh copy of the touch screens driver update)
  3. Registry error. (Try to use registry scanner for error and try to fix it)
  4. Remote desktop. (Some other remote desktop software has a feature of freezing the entire screen and you're unable to move anything when they're connected. Check it out, somebody might accessing your pc. You must find that software application and uninstall immediately)
  5. Factory defect. (You said two weeks ago, then why force yourself to solve the problem? Usually there's a one year warranty in every product. Consult your store and ask them for a replacement.)

Hope this helps you.

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HP Touchsmart 300z series touch complications


It is possible that when you installed the new application it made some complications with the computer’s functionality including some applications as well. Although the application was successfully installed, maybe it resulted in an error that affects other programs’ functionality especially the monitor’s touchscreen ability. You can check the hard drive for errors. Use a disk utility application to check your hard disk. You can also download Norton SystemWorks or Norton Utilities to help diagnose your drive. It’s a good diagnostic tool and will fix your drive’s problem for any invalid entries, errors in the file system, mis-allocated file space, cross-linked files, errors in the file structures, misreported free space, and other data errors. Or you can just use Windows disk check tool to check your hard drive.

  1. Right click on drive C and select Properties.
  2. Click Tools tab.
  3. Click Check Now.
  4. Check the option Automatically fix file system errors.
  5. Click Start.

After checking your drive do some simple tests if your monitor will still exhibit some problems. If fixing your hard drive did not solve the problem, try uninstalling the application that you think caused this problem. If removing the application seems to be too late and did not remove the problem with the monitor’s touchscreen ability, your last hope would be to format your hard drive and install Windows again. If ever you want to install this application again after reinstalling Windows, create a restore point first using System Restore before installing the application so you have a fallback if ever something goes wrong again.

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