Is it safe to delete temp files

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I hear that in very computer there is temporary files and it eat up the system space. And it also slows down the speed of the system . And the most important thing that It is safe to delete the temporary file as my I contain some important data. And if it is safe where I can find the temporary files.

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Is it safe to delete temp files


Temporary files are the application’s file which are saved in the temp folder. And it is safe to delete the temporary files if you do not have unsaved data. As for me, I delete my temp files, but it never creates a problem for me. You can find your temporary files by going into the run and typing %temp% and you will get all the temporary files in your system. You can also check from there how much space they have eaten of your hard disk. And you can also remove those all the files by selecting all and then deleting them.

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Is it safe to delete temp files


When an application is being run on a computer, some data gets saved as a temporary file. It is completely safe to delete temporary file and also recommended.

Temporary files eat a lot of space at your computer, hence i will recommend you to delete them after a certain interval. Just make sure that when you are deleting the temporary files, no windows application is running.

To delete temporary files go to START>>Run>>Type 'Temp' and hit enter. Now select all and delete them. Also, to keep your machine run faster, along with temporary files, you should delete the following, just exactly the same way described below:-

1. %temp%

2. Cookies

3. Prefetch

Please check the picture below:-


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