Seagate Drive is not being detected

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I have bought a new 1TB Seagate SATA Hard Drive and after physically installing it, my computer cannot detect it. I have attempted to boot my computer with the new drive but it has never detected it. I then tried to re-install the older drive but it could not be seen too. My computer is running Windows 8.1 and has 4GB of RAM. Could it be a hardware issue? Someone explain to me how to solve it please.

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Seagate Drive is not being detected


It’s not an issue with the hardware of your computer. This issue is either with the driver of the hard drive or the hard drive is not good. To solve the problem, try the below procedure and check.

1.    Disconnect the hard drive and then remove the Seagate SATA hard drive drivers already installed in the computer. To remove the driver go to the control panel. There click on ‘Uninstall a program’. Then locate the driver from the Seagate and remove all of them.

2.    Next re-connect the Seagate hard drive  to the computer. It should automatically start installing the drivers. It will take time. Do not interrupt while your computer will install the drivers.

3.    Once drivers are installed properly restart your computer and check if your PC can detect your hard drive. If there is any issue while installing the drivers then manually down the drivers from Seagate website and  manually install the drivers in your PC. Make sure your download the correct drivers for your hard drive based on the part number.

After these you should able to access your hard drive. If still you are not able to connect then there is issue with the hard drive. Connect the hard drive with the another computer and see if other computer can access the hard drive. If another computer also cannot access the hard drive then contact service center to repair or replacement of your hard drive.

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Seagate Drive is not being detected


Hello Aabel,

I see that both of your drives are not seen whenever you plug it to your PC. I'm suspecting that this is a computer related problem, given that both of your hard drives failed to work.

Here's a troubleshooting guide for you to isolate the issue:

Check if HDD is the problem

1. Plug both of your devices on another PC with a different OS

2. Check if it will be read or not. If it does, we can conclude that this isn't a HDD problem.

Check if OS is the issue

1. Plug both of your devices on another PC with the same OS

2. Check if you receive the same result. If you get the same result, we can perhaps say that this is an OS issue.

*if both of your device can't be read on both scenarios, there is a high possibility that your HDDs are malfunctioning.

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