Is it possible to change the entire RGB value of the image?

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Is it possible to change the entire RGB value of the image rather than changing it by layer by layer in Photoshop C5?


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Is it possible to change the entire RGB value of the image?



Hi Lawrence,
Yes of course it is possible in changing an image mode entirely than having it changed layered by layered. Here are steps on how to convert it.
All the edits that you made in the image must be in its original color mode. This mode is usually RGB or Red, Green, and Blue for Digital Camera and Scanner Images. For Drum Scanner, they are usually CMYK or Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. It is easier to edit the image prior to changing the color mode and it will also preserve the image data more.
A backup copy of the image that includes all layers must be saved first before converting it. Under File on the Photoshop Menu Bar, select Save As. Type the name of your choice for the image in the Dialog Box and navigate to the folder where you want them to reside, then click Save. The newly saved file will appear on the screen. 
Select Window on the menu bar by opening the Layers window and then choose Show Layers on the PC or Mac. You can flatten the image layers by selecting Flatten Image on the Layers palette pull-out that looks like a right arrow in the upper right corner. The image layers should be flattened to make sure that the blending color layers will not change when the color mode is changed. It is also known that some color modes do not support layers, and the layers will automatically be flattened when changes in the color mode is made. You must complete all the editing with the layers before doing this, as flattening the layers cannot be undone.
Select Image on the menu bar and then chooses Mode. The desired mode shall be chosen from the submenu. Remember that RGB and CMYK are used for color printing. Other modes are bitmap, used for electronic images; indexed, which is used for multimedia web graphics and grayscale, which is shades of black and white. When the mode cannot be used on that image, you will notice a dimmed mode.

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