Is it okay not to update my iOS on iPhone?

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I am so sick of iOS update. I wonder why they always like to experiment and not just provide the best software for certain phones. Is it okay not to do any iOS update at all?

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Is it okay not to update my iOS on iPhone?


Hello Desireenataliaa,

It is not necessary to upgrade to the latest version of iOS when it rolls out and it of course not necessary to upgrade at all. If you are happy with your iPhone and don't want to take advantage of the new features it is absolutely fine to stick with the iOS you have. On the other hand, newer versions of iOS have bug fixes (and new bugs), provide more security, optimizations, etc.

So it is surely ok not to do any upgrades if you are happy with the current version and don't want any more extra features.



P Vhilary

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Is it okay not to update my iOS on iPhone?


In December 2019, according to

“… in the wake of Apple’s admission that it uses software updates to deliberately slow down older iPhones, many users are thinking twice about downloading it.”

What this means is Apple deliberately intends to slow down older iPhone models using their software updates. This is bad because they push customers to buy new models even if their phones are still fine. At that time, the latest Apple software is iOS 11.2.2. For example, you’re on iOS 11 already, this update will not bring any remarkable new features but it should help fix a few bugs.

Sadly, this will not restore the battery life for users with earlier iPhones hindered by the latest update. But according to Apple:

“iOS 11.2.2 provides a security update and is recommended for all users.”

The reason is that the update is intended to lessen the effects of Meltdown and Spectre, the two security flaws that can cause problems to iPhone users. Though it will not fix the problem entirely, it will help protect your iPhone from malware.

That’s why if you’re already on iOS 11, updating to iOS 11.2.2 is a pretty practical move but if you have an older iPhone that is still in iOS 10, the update might slow your phone down.

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