Is it necessary to update Java monthly

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My kid and I are really fond of playing browser games. One of the new games suggested that I update Java.

Upon doing so a message box appears with the following text I have posted here.

Is it necessary to update Java monthly or should I just do it manually?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

You have chosen to never check for updates and may miss future security updates.
We strongly recommend letting Java periodically check for newer versions to ensure you have the most secure and fastest Java experience.
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Is it necessary to update Java monthly


Hi George.

Think of Java as Adobe Flash. Adobe Flash was developed and is being maintained by a reputable institution. The same goes for Java. It was created by Sun Microsystems. This company was in existence for a long time and has since merged with Oracle Systems..

In fact, Java is almost the same age as Adobe flash.

Both Java and Macromedia Shockwave were released in 1995. Sun Microsystems merged with Oracle while the original Macromedia company was bought out by Adobe; hence, Adobe Flash.

I hope this does not make me seem to be rambling. I just wanted to assure you that there is no harm in keeping Java updated regularly. For me, personally, I let Java update automatically.

Besides, it's like what you said. You like playing browser games. While most browser games use Adobe Flash, there are some which use Java.

Have a good day, and happy gaming!

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