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Hi Guys,

Kindly provide me with some tips. I have recently started my Computer Software so my basic aim is to be a Web Developer and Graphic Designer. So kindly guide me some tips how should I start to be Developer and Designer ?


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Web Developer and Graphic Designer



Create your website outline before starting the design process.

Your website background color doesn’t hurt the visitor’s eye and text on the page must be readable form.

Blue used for links, so don’t use blue for regular text.

Please don’t use underline for text. It is also used for links.

You must avoid mistakes. Check spelling and grammar.

Make your website information is sweet and short. You like to give more ideas for viewers than create PDF file for them. They download it.

Provide your contact information on your site.

Such us email address, phone. You include the web master’s email address.

Check your website in other browsers. For more ideas look others sites you get design, graphics information.

See the site. It certainly helps to you.

This site used for graphic design.

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Web Developer and Graphic Designer



Thank you for your question. I am really very happy to know that you want to be a web developer and graphic designer. Nowadays the maximum number of people are going through IT sector.

There are many opportunity if you'll be a web developer and graphic designer. You can start freelancing and can work from home independently. You'll get enough time to spend with your family. But keep in mind that actual web designing and graphics designing is a creative work. You have to be creative minded to work friendly with this sector.

Now I'm telling you that how can you easily become a web developer and graphic designer.

To be a web developer you need to know following items:

Programming [html, xhtml, dhtml, css etc.]
Joomla/wordpress/drupal etc.
Magento, ecommerce pro, zen-cart etc.
Familiar with server side language and integration.

If you learn web programming then you can go forward with any kind of CMS (Content Management System) easily. But, now CMS is so easy that you don't need to learn any kind of web language. But that has limitation too.

Now I am telling about such web development software that have the easiest way to develop your website.

The software is a web page maker. You can download it from here. You have to just drag and drop your content. Then export to HTML format. That's it and you are done.

You can also use Joomla! And WordPress. But you've to learn it. You can find many video tutorial from YouTube. The best news is Joomla! And WordPress both are open source. So you don't need to worry about that. You'll get help from around the best developer of the world for free.

Now you also asked to be a graphic designer. To be a graphic designer you need to know Adobe Photoshop, illustrator, Corel draw and many more software. But if you can learn only Photoshop and illustrator then you can make designs for your customer or make creative design and submit to Envato marketplace. Your product will sell one after one.


Thank you for reading me and Best of luck.

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Web Developer and Graphic Designer


Hello Irtaza_Kazim,

The web development section is a very readable aim indeed. First, talking about the languages that it offers- there are languages ranging from front-end development such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, to programming like PHP, ASP, Ruby on Rails languages which are known as back-end programming.

Try starting with HTML hand coding which is among the elements that forms the basics of web development. Do try to learn about JavaScript too, this will really help you a lot. Go through pre-made web templates to help increase your creativity.

Graphics Designing is a very interesting and very successful chapter in the IT world. As a beginner it is suggested that you should start learning about vector graphics, raster graphics, flash, animating methods, Use efficient and rewarding tools such as Adobe Illustrator, ImageReady, Photoshop CS5, Aftereffects and many others. Decide on what type of Graphic Designing you are willing to expertise on- 3D modeling, manipulate photos, animation etc.

This will help you choose on better opportunities, so find out what your brain is really comfortable with.

Here are some helpful link for you:

FZD School of Design

Hope you successfully reach your aim.

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