IT Computers software and hardware

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How we can change the world day by day as present of information technology and other computer programming to make a new digital world?

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IT Computers software and hardware


When I read your question than I thought to answer your question. Actually it's not possible to give the perfect answer. But think deeply about my answer.

As my thought first make yourself updated about the new technologies, then try to make friend familiar with it and than think about your relatives, then your area gradually go to the state than try to make digital your city.

When you will able to do it then you will be able to make your country digital. And if you can change a country it's not impossible to change the world. If you did something very good then everyone will follow you.

Steve jobs, chief executive officer of Apple think about him what he did? He changed many thing in our life. If you really want to do it, think yourself and you will have the answer.

Thank you.

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