Issue in Stack Installer – cannot insert admin credentials

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I cannot go into the database admin password by using stack installer.  

The field shows un-editable; however it will not allow any values. 

I have tried it on both SP1 and SP2.

I am using 7.6.04 SP2, Oracle 11g.

RHEL 64 bit 5.6

Error: cannot enter admin credentials

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Issue in Stack Installer – cannot insert admin credentials


Hello Davidscecere,

You will need to check the stack installer and make sure that you are not attempting to access the site via the localhost, for the installer sometimes has issues when it comes to domains that do not have a dot in them.

You can try using the url that has got numbers, that is or you can as well opt to use a real domain that is pointing to your local IP address.

You will also need to ensure that the core_config_data table that you are using reflects the hostname that you wish to access using the stack installer.

Also try the following:

n /etc/my.cnf : Do not put the following line:

binlog-format= 'ROW'

After the following:

service mysqld restart
cloud-setup-database cloud:[email protected] –deploy-as=root:password



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