Issue with SoundBlaster Live! 24-Bit

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Hello, I am seeking for a quicker way of resolving my problem.

My computer has Rhino i915G-M7E Pentium 4 as its motherboard which comes with Sound Blaster Live! 24-Bit sound card.

For the last year since I had this computer, everything went well until Windows Device Manager is not able to load anymore.

The drivers and the sound did not work at all. I presume it could be a mess up with both Sound Blaster and the onboard card so I totally detached Sound Blaster.

I have reinstalled the sound card driver, video card driver and the main board, but it still didn’t work.

I bet I need to remove everything again and try reinstalling them especially the Sound Blaster software. 

Someone advised me to reinstall Windows XP,

But I want to know if there’s any other way to resolve this?

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Issue with SoundBlaster Live! 24-Bit


Probable causes are:

a. The Sound card got damaged.

b. You installed some software or plug in which is blocking the port – the Sound Blaster card needs to use.

c. The driver you are trying to install from backup or CD is corrupt.

My suggestions are:

a. Replace card with a new one.

b. Identify & uninstall the software or plug-ins, which is blocking the port for your Sound card.

c. Install Windows XP. Download and install the latest driver for your sound card.

d. If you have blower machine, blow out all the dust from your Computer Case. Sometimes too much dart hampers the normal workflow of the computer.

e. Try installing the sound card in other Windows XP based PC. If it is still not running, then the Sound is dead. You should buy a new sound card.


Crawly Math

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Issue with SoundBlaster Live! 24-Bit


I will also suggest that you just do a reinstallation of the windows XP operating to fix that problem, but before you do that you can try to restore the system to a previous state before that problem started occurring.

Follow the steps below to restore the system.

  • On your computer click on start.
  • And then you will click on Help and Support.
  • Next you will need to type system restore in the Search box.
  • And then you will press ENTER on your computer keyboard.

That will remove any changes that you might have made to the computer that are causing the problem to occur.

Thompson Locker


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Issue with SoundBlaster Live! 24-Bit


Many thanks Crawly math and Thompson Locker.

Sorry for the late thank you.

I followed what you said and replaced my card.

I also modified the software's and drivers.

I also dusted the interior of my computer.

Thanks again.

Thank you TechyV!

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