Issue on linked in social network

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While using a professional network LINKEDIN. I want to visit other’s profile as anonymous.  People can’t see my profile when click on your profile has been viewed by. what to do?

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Issue on linked in social network


You need to sign in to Linked-in. see the name of yours at the top right behind Add Connection link. Now dropdown your name link means just behind your name, there is an option of dropdown.

A page appears. On left side, you have multiple tabs/links in vertical order. Click on link Profile. You will see the PRIVACY CONTROLS just after it. Focus on the third link in order. Select what others see when you have viewed their profile. Click that link. 

You will have a dialogue box or a window providing multiple options to be chosen. There are three options. Third option will make you completely anonymous. Click this radio button.  You further have another type of anonymous in place two. You will be anonymous but your network can view you. Click the radio button of your choice.

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Issue on linked in social network


If you’re on LinkedIn and no one can see your profile when someone views your LinkedIn account, the problem is on the “Profile viewing options” section in the “Profile privacy” setting of your account which is probably set to “Private mode”. There are three modes available in the “Profile viewing options”:

  • * Your name and headline – displays your full profile.
  • * Private profile characteristics – this is the semi-private mode. In this mode, your profile characteristics like job title, company, industry, and school will be shown to the member you are viewing. You will appear to him as “Someone at Accenture”, “Student at Cornell University”, or “Consultant at State Farm”.
  • * Private mode – in this mode, you will appear to the member you are viewing as “LinkedIn Member – This person is viewing profiles in private mode”. No other information will be shared with the member you are viewing. Also, your Profile Stats will be disabled when you select this mode and your viewer history will be erased.

To fix your problem and get your profile viewable to other members, move your mouse over your Profile photo on the top-right corner of the screen to bring down the “Account & Settings” menu and select “Privacy & Settings”.

On the next screen, select Privacy.

Scroll down and select “Profile viewing options”.

Under “Profile viewing options”, select “Your name and headline”. Your selection is saved automatically once you click on the option.

That should fix the problem. Next time when someone views your profile, your full Profile Stats will be visible.

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