Online isapi rewrite builder error 404

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I'm trying to use online ISAPI rewrite builder to convert dynamic URL's into static URL's.  I just drag .htaccess so it could generate the URL but I'm having 404 errors.  What does this mean?  I'm on Windows 8 Metro and Mozilla Firefox 18.0.2.  Thanks.

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Online isapi rewrite builder error 404


Dear Carl,

You told that, you are trying to use online ISAPI rewrite builder to convert from dynamic URL’s to static URL’s and are using .Htaccess which can generate the URL. Error 404 is a simple problem that happens. Now I’m telling you what the 404 error actually means in blow.

The first 4 in404 means client error. That means the server is telling you that you’ve made mistake like misspelling something. The middle digit 0 in404 means a general syntax mess up or spelling mistake. The last digit 4 means an error in the group pg 40x. The World Wide Web Consortium has stated clearly that this error code should be used in cases where the server has failed to find out the location that you wanted.

There can be nothing more frustrating than getting a 404 not found error. But however, not all is lost. There are some technique in which you can try and get it work again. These are:

Refresh the web page

Retype the URL

Clear your browser cache.

Try and move up a directory level in the URL. It can help you to find what you are looking for.

You can change your DNA server in your computer.

By following this steps I hope you can get rid of this problem.

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