Issue in FTP publications at website

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I have been facing website publication issues since last week. Actually, the website which I published was de********** and it loaded perfectly on that time but when I republished it after bringing some changes in home page browser title and file name title, I started facing certain problems. All images in the website have started showing the question marks. 

And now whenever I want to make changes in the website, I face issues related to FTP publications. I have attached the shot screen of that error to make it clear what exactly it shows. I even tried so many alternative ways like upgrading it to RW 5.0.2 to see if I could resolve the issue myself but was failed in do so.  I would like to have your nice suggestions to resolve this issue.


FTP Publishing Error

Failed to create remote directory 'page8/page9/DeLucaLab.html'

Thank you

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Issue in FTP publications at website


            I also encounter this problem before; the problem you are facing is problem with the version of RapidWeaver that you are using. For you to solve this problem, you need to upgrade your RapidWeaver. This problem occurs on a lower version like 3.6.7 and many users complained about this error.  If the error still occurs, contact the support of RapidWeaver, they can help you about this, but on my problem I resolved this with the solution that I gave to you. You just need to try it and I know it will work. Hope this will help you.

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