IPad China made android 2.3

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Are they fast enough for YouTube and Facebook games?

I've been planning to buy which costs about P4000.

Please help

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IPad China made android 2.3


Hi there,

I also recommend you to buy the tablet which will be less costly than other branded tablets.

IPad which are made by china are the cheapest in the world right now. The basic features are:

Processor: 1.2GHz ARM Cortex A8 (Very Fast)

OS: Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread

RAM: 512MB of and 4GB internal memory (Expandable with MicroSD cards)

Android OS has many web plugins

So, running Android 2.3 the processor is quite fast enough. Also u may know that this android OS has many web plugins installed within it which are very necessary for browsing and watching online videos. The integrated flash supports the streaming of online videos at a fast rate. You will also get a good support when playing Facebook games online.

Note: The performance of online streaming and Facebook games also very much dependable on the connection speed as well.


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IPad China made android 2.3


I’m all familiar with devices coming from China like mobile phones. Back here, there are versions of earlier iPhones that are China-made. Although the devices bear iPhone’s appearance and logo, don’t expect them to be the original ones. Because back here it is very common to see imitations of such original brands and they can still compete with the original ones although they are not that tough as the original and they have slight problems like battery weakens easily, problem in the screen, and so on.

Device has to be made in China

For iPads, there is one big reason why this device has to be made in China. And it’s because of rare earth metals. China is now managing 95% of the world’s manufacturing of these uncommon earth metals. One example of these rare earth metals is the “lanthanum” which is used in the production of the iPad’s battery. Another is the “neodymium alloy” which is the magnets used on the side of the tablet.

Rare earth metals from China

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IPad China made android 2.3


Thanks guys, for your relevant clues. Your comments were helpful. Although I was surprised with Android 2.3 glimpse at some of the new features and technologies but I think I need to know more about it before buying one, so I have come to the Techyv.com for help.

By cramming your post at long last, I have understood which one is well-matched. Sharath, you mentioned about “earth metals” which is really new to me and I didn’t know that these earth metals are the “lanthanum” which is used in the manufacture of the iPad’s battery as well as another is the “neodymium alloy” which is the magnets used on the side of the tablet. Really by surfing your post I have learned many unknown news.

You are providing complete information about the iPhone which is made in China and now I have an idea where to buy the best iPad. Thanks Sharath Reddy for your knowledgeable counselors.

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