Windows – System Error: Conflicts on IP Address

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Some of the computers in our school computer room had a problem recently. When my friends and I were using the personal computers to study, the error appeared at the right-side of bottom of Windows.:

There is an IP address conflict with another system on the network

Windows – System Error

There is an IP address conflict with another system on the


Could anyone help us to solve this error?

Thanks a lot.

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Windows – System Error: Conflicts on IP Address



  • Every device on a network has an IP address so it can communicate with the other devices. The IP address is a bit like a telephone number for computers.
  • When devices on your network connect to the router for the very first time, they go through a process called DHCP.
  • Basically, your computer asks the WiFi router for an IP address when you turn it on and connect to the Internet and so does your Nintendo DS.
  • The WiFi router has a pool of IP addresses that it hands out. It should give one to your computer and a different one to the DS.
  • For some reason – it looks like the router has given the same IP address to two devices.
  • Every device on the network must have a unique IP address otherwise they won't function properly. It's a bit like two different people having the same telephone number.

Now how to resolve it.

The best thing to do would be to reboot all of your devices including the WiFi router. Turn off the computer first, then the Nintendo DS. Then turn off your WiFi router. You need to leave the router switched off for about 10 minutes. Make sure you don't turn on your computer or DS during the time your router is off.

After 10 minutes, turn your router back on and let it go through it's startup cycle. It will take about 2-3 minutes to get started. Once it has started back up and the lights on the front have settled down.

You can start to turn on the other devices. Turn on your computer and turn on your DS. Hopefully your router will hand out a unique IP address to each device and you will be working normally.

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Windows – System Error: Conflicts on IP Address



  • If you are using a router then it means that another computer that can be of your friend is connected using the same ip on the network. To solve this problem.
  • Click on start button on the taskbar and open run.
  • Type cmd in the run.
  • And then type ipconfig/release this will delete you ip and after doing this you type ipconfig/renew in the cmd.
  • This will renew your ip address. hope your problem will be solved.

Thank you.

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