Invalid Signature Error on enrolling certificate to Smartcard

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I need to enroll a certificate in my Smartcard through MS Certificate Lifestyle Manager 2007 with my Windows 7 computer. But an error “PKCS#11 smart card self-service control error: Invalid Signature.” appeared. I have done this on Windows Vista before without issues but I cannot make it work now. What are the prerequisites needed to achieve this when using Windows 7? Are the two compatible to work together? Help please.

Microsoft Certificate Lifecycle Manager 2007

Enrollment Request Wizard

PKCS#11 smart card self-service control error: Invalid Signature..

Your enrollment request is being processed. Do not remove your smart card from the reader. Please wait


Generating certificate requests and submitting them to the certificate authorities.

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Invalid Signature Error on enrolling certificate to Smartcard


You will need to try issuing a smart card for another use and see what will happen, for in your case it looks like you are trying to self-service generate your own smart card which will not be possible. You will also need to make sure that the enrollment policy in the profile template has been marked such that it  will allow the self-service.

For you to check that, you will follow the steps below:

  • Go to the admin home page and then click Manage Profile Templates in the main part of the window.
  • And then you will select the profile template that you are trying to issue the smartcard from.
  • And then click on Enroll Policy.
  • See if Self service enabled, in case it is not, then you will need to click Change general settings, and  then change the setting.
  • Save the changes.

After that  you should be able to self-serve your enrollment.

-Richard Gabriel

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