Creative and Concrete Specifications of Visual Studio 2015

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I would like to update my Visual Studio to 2015 version. I would like to know how beneficial this is for me? What are the features added in this software? What do you mean by polymorphic? What is UTF and usage of this in computer programming? What is the function of Decltype? What do you mean by PGO Instrumentation? What is new to .Net Frameworks 4.6 and how functional this to my previous version? What are the system requirements for VS 2015? 

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Creative and Concrete Specifications of Visual Studio 2015


Hello Any!

There are many notable features with Visual Studio 2015 let me just name some of those.

1.   Can simple and easily customize the windows included in the software.

2.   Code editors gives more options and uses character filtering to show you available codes and to avoid mistakes and don’t spend more time. Debugging still one of the best feature of this packaged software.

3.   It is easier to work by in groups. You can simply share your projects with the .Net Frameworks.

4.   IntelliSense makes it easier for developers to create server-and-client side systems.

5.   You can blend in colors and change the environment themes.

Polymorphic objects in Visual Studio can be easily applied and declared. You can set objects to have different data types or entities. Universal-Code + Transformation format this is used for different software to be able to encode any formats and languages. Decltype is a keyword use to search or query any declaration or expression. This can be also used in returning values or recursive method declaration. Profile Guide Optimization shows and integrates how the program will run in real-time environment and debugging. This makes it easier for programmers to work efficiently by groups while changing the codes at different time.

Features of .Net Frameworks 4.6

1.   Updates BCL, it gives auto update to the rest of the class library

2.   Supports RyuJIT – with this you’ll be able to support and run x32 and x64 bit platforms and eliminates errors and compiling messages.

3.   Real-time event enhancements – gives you options to code and compile in different formats

4.   Code to code declaration and editing

System Requirements for VSS 2015 Professional

1.   Operating System – Windows 7 service pack 1 up to the latest OS version

2.   Processor – 1.6 Ghz

3.   RAM – 1GB

4.   HDD – 10 GB

5.   Video cards – any video card that supports DirectX 9 and above

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