Invalid image format JPEG format

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I have numbers of photos in my desktop computer.

I want to upload them in a social network site.

When I begin uploading the photos, the error prompted on the screen and say's "Invalid image format JPEG".

As I check the photos, the file format is file.exe?

How did this happen?

All I know is JPEG format but why has it turned to be file.exe?

Is this a virus or something?

How on earth change the file format?

How can this be fixed and turn into the JPEG file format?

I'm excited to upload those pictures so please, a little help here!

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Invalid image format JPEG format


If the file format changes to .exe, it could be that the image that you have been downloaded from a website.

You need to convert it to JPEG first before uploading it.

For example, you can check the file extension of the picture by pressing right-click on your mouse then choose properties.

You will see they're the type of file. If it is not a JPEG file, double-click on the image to open it.

Try to copy the image, paste it in Paint then save it as .JPG file.

It can be a lot of work but at least you can upload your photos.

Print Screen key on your keyboard save it as JPG file

You can also open the image. Click on the Print Screen key on your keyboard (sometimes it's a key that says prntscrn) then paste it in Paint. Just edit the picture then save it as .JPG file.

If Print Screen does not paste the image, try pressing and holding the Shift key or CTRL key on your keyboard before pressing print screen. If you used Photoshop for your pictures, you just need to re-save them as .JPG files.

It would also be best to put all your pictures in one folder to save you time and effort in finding them.

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Invalid image format JPEG format


Thank you so much Kathyrin,

You really helped me in solving the image format problem.
I downloaded thousands of images of my favorite items from various websites.
But when I opened it for editing it shows an error that the image format is not compatible.
Now i followed your instructions and was able to edit the photos.
But the only problem was it was loosing its quality.
Anyway thank you very much Kathyrin.
Thanks a lot!

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