Intex internal TV tuner card

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I have two operating systems and I bought intex internal TV tuner card. I have installed in both operating system and also attached the TV cables to card.

The problem with first operating system is that it shows all channels but it's remote is not working. The problem with the second operating system is it’s remote is working but I cannot select INPUT as CABLE TV. When I try to select it I get this message:

InterVideo?WinDVR Application has encounter problem and needs to close. We are sorry for inconvenience.

Please anyone help me.  

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Intex internal TV tuner card


Since you can install and even run the application InterVideo?WinDVR in both operating systems, you can assume that it is not a compatibility problem.

But still, check the program’s documentation if your operating systems are really compatible with the software. There are incompatible applications that can still be installed and don’t exhibit any program errors when used.

And if it is not the operating system then maybe there is a hardware component in your CPU that needs to be upgraded for the application to fully work.

Load the installer CD of InterVideo?WinDVR in the CD/DVD-ROM drive and then browse its contents with your Windows Explorer. Look for a readme file, a .nfo file or any document files in the CD where the minimum system requirements of the application is listed.

Check the program’s requirements carefully to see what needs to be replaced and upgraded in your system.

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Intex internal TV tuner card



I suppose this is due to a software clash between two or more programs. Do you have Nero installed in your system? If yes the problem may be with Nero and InterVideoWinDVR clashing each other initiating the programs.

You need to uninstall Nero and check for the problem again. There is also a possibility that WinDVD clashing with the InterVideo. So also uninstall it, check for the problem persists.

The issue is with the default player you have chosen. If the problem still not fixed I suppose it maybe a hardware issue or some other cause. Try to install the latest drivers from the manufacturer and check for any success; otherwise you need to contact the local agents.

Thank you.

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