Internet Connection Speed Problem and Clarification

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Well this is my 1st time submitting on these boards and i am just looking for some information and help since i am not very wise with PCs or web help.

My account begins from about 2 several weeks ago where i began suffering from slowly rates of speed. obviously i am designed to get 32mbs down and 1 mbs include but almost never get them. I have referred to as Rogers technical service about 20 periods last Calendar month and went through about every problems take problem know:
I have changed the switch, had two experts come over and change collections and products, went over Rogers help discussion and had them take over my pc and run testing, referred to as lately and they said it might be a obstruction problem and the solution was presented and i had to delay per A week for the professional to be in,
i referred to as again and said how the position is and they said its shut – being done, and lately i referred to as in like 2 times ago and they informed me that they were looking into the difficulty and its being fostering but cant tell me a time to when it will be done.
So at this place i never know what to do, my mother and father are 69.99 for rates of speed of 0.5-1.5 mbs obtain common and 0.95 mbs for include. Each i phone in its a new problem they examine, blah blah blah. showing me i have to delay time for it to become in influence. The rates of speed i am getting are for my pc (LAN) console 360 (LAN) and pc 2 (Wan) they all get same rates of speed.
Cant have fun with any console 360 since relationship difficulties, it requires me a great while to make Facebook movies. all that products. At this place i never know if i such proceed companies because obviously i might be going, i never the circumstances absolutely, but if i do/don't proceed and proceed companies any opinions on who to proceed to for best games rates of speed etc.
Also: i examine rates of speed at 8 am and i got 31 mbs obtain for about an time, then i examine rates of speed at 9:30 am and i get the normal 1.0 mbs and that continues him the whole day, then examine rates of speed around 3-6 am and i get 0.5 mbs. Is this because of look times?
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Internet Connection Speed Problem and Clarification


Hello James,

On the network that you are on, are there many people that use it or they are just a smaller number of people? And what activities are carried out using the internet most of the time? If there are many people on the network and you end up using the internet at the same time, then definitely the bandwidth allocation for each person will tremendously reduce meaning that your connection speed will go down.

And on the network that you are on, it seems that many people start using the internet at around 9:30 am and that is when it starts going down.

At round 3-6 pm, it is like many people are downloading many files from the internet and this reduces the connection even further, My advise is that you find a way that you can regulate the network so that sites for downloading files and other sites like social medias are restricted so that they do not take up a lot of bandwidth which slows down the internet.

Lee Hung

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