Internet connection failing with Galaxy Tab 2

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Hi there,

I have been working online with my Galaxy Tab 2 as a modem using my HP Pavilion PC, recently I have noticed working on the PC the internet connects fast, but when I try using my Tablet, You tube buffers endlessly and I cannot get a video playing, on the PC it plays well with few buffering, what could be wrong with my Tablet? How can I get the same speeds on my device?

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Internet connection failing with Galaxy Tab 2


Hi Abriaana,
The following settings must be applied for correct internet connection on Galaxy tab 2.
1) Go to 'Settings', Select 'WiFi' option from the list
2) Forget the network you used to connect the WiFi
3) Turn Off the WiFi of the tablet
4) Reboot the tablet and turn ON the WiFi to detect the available networks
5) Connect the tablet to the home network

If the user want to have continuous WiFi connection on the device follow the steps as stated below:
1) Go to 'settings' tab on the home screen
2) Select WiFi option from the list
3) Click 'Advanced Settings' option
4) Select the 'Never' option to keep the WiFi ON even if the tablet is turned OFF

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Internet connection failing with Galaxy Tab 2


You can share the internet connection on your Wi-Fi-enabled phone with your laptop. Since both devices support Wi-Fi connectivity, this type of connection sharing is very easy to setup. To share your Android phone’s internet connection, you need to convert it into a Wi-Fi hotspot. When a Wi-Fi hotspot is created, your laptop can connect to the internet via the hotspot your phone created.

To do this, on your Android phone, turn on the Wi-Fi connection then connect to your Wi-Fi network. Once your phone is connected to your home Wi-Fi, on your phone, go to “Settings” then under “Wireless Networks”, tap “More”. Next, go to “Tethering and portable hotspot” then “Wi-Fi hotspot”. If this is the first time you will use it, go to “Set up Wi-Fi hotspot” then configure it.

Under “Network name”, enter the name of the hotspot. Under “Security”, select a security protocol like “WPA2 PSK” then enter the password for your Wi-Fi hotspot. When you are finished, tap “Save”. After this, your Wi-Fi hotspot should be turned on automatically. And that’s it. Just connect your laptop to the hotspot you created and make sure the password is correct.

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