Intermittent Noise Coming from the System

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I have purchased the 500GB Western Digital WD500BEVT internal 2.5 SATA HDD for my Dell Inspiron 1750 laptop. The working condition is good, only that there is an intermittent noise coming from the system like "click."

I already checked it by doing several check-ups of the disk using the WD hardware diagnostics, defragging the drive, and scanning for viruses, but the noise is still there, and it becomes persistent especially in the long hours of use.

Does this problem have something to do with the unit, since I have Toshiba with a Pentium Dual Core 2.0 processor with Accumdata?

1 TB drive has been working great for several years now. Please enlighten me as to what causes this noise, and please help me get away with this problem. Your assistance to this problem will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

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Intermittent Noise Coming from the System


Hello there

This is a physical problem as sound is created. It cant be virus or anything on the hard drive.

Noises coming from a hard drive is not a good sign. Hard drive is a mechanical system and should run smoothly. I am afraid it is a manufacturing fault. Hard drives either tend to malfunction early or stay healthy for a long time.

This is going to happen to your hard drive sooner than you think. I presume it has a warranty period. Waste no time in contacting the hard drive's manufacturer or seller.  They should try to repair it or offer you a new one.

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Intermittent Noise Coming from the System



Hello, I have some information and looking forward to help and answer your question. As i read your problem regarding intermittent noise coming from your system like clicking this is not a noise and I will tell you honestly it is a beep code.

I will give you  a beep code and the description of it such as; NO BEEPS it means NO POWER or the peripherals are loose and also Bad CPU or MB. ONE BEEP it means that your computer is running normally or fine. TWO BEEPS is means that your POST or CMOS have error.

ONE LONG and ONE SHORT BEEP it means that your motherboard have problem. ONE LONG AND TWO SHORT BEEPS it means that your video card have problem. ONE LONG AND THREE SHORT BEEPS it means also that your video card have problem.

THREE LONG BEEPS it means that your KEYBOARD has an error. REPEATED LONG BEEPS it means that your memory has an error. CONTINUES HI-LO BEEPS its means that the CPU is overheating.

I also advice you can also ask some help and advice to COMPUTER TECHNICIAN if there is any problem to fix your computer hardware.

I hope and will help and gain information to answer your problem. 

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Intermittent Noise Coming from the System


Because you’ve been using your Western Digital SATA hard drive for several years then it is possible that during its course it might have developed bad sectors already. In a computer, the only device that generates a “click” or clicking sound is the hard drive. The computer itself doesn’t create this sound.

If you hear that clicking sound on your laptop especially when you are using it for long hours, it is your hard drive that creates it. When a hard drive starts creating clicking sounds, it doesn’t mean that it is bad already. The main reason why a hard drive “clicks” is bad sectors and they can appear in many reasons.

One if you are using a partitioning software and your computer suddenly shuts down. This damages the surface of the plates in the hard drive and this creates the bad sectors. They are permanent damage to the plates. Another reason is age. If you have an aging hard drive, even if you use it properly bad sectors will still appear because of age.

If you hear clicks on your hard drive, it can cause your machine to freeze sometimes. To avoid this from happening, scan your hard drive regularly using a disk utility application like Windows’ own CHKDSK or use third-party utility applications like PC Tools Performance Toolkit. When these programs discover a bad sector, they will mark it as bad preventing any files from getting written into it.

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